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Building a Home?  Then you definitely need to get it pre-wired.

You might be asking "why would I need to pre-wire if everything is wireless?"

Pre-wiring your home is future-proofing your home.  You install the infrastructure even if you don't initially plan on using it all - its there when you need it.  Especially with the Video content moving toward 4K you will need to have 'hard' connections in order for the content to be presented in 4K.  Those "4K streaming services"  are actually pulling all the '4K' out of the video to stream it wirelessly in your home.


Limitless Home Systems offers many different solutions for Homeowners looking to get their Home pre-wired.  Even if you not thinking of having video distribution or a Home Automation system installed - pre-wiring will ensure that the connections will be available if you did.

Pre-wiring can include security, home audio and even internet.  Have any video conference calls struggle over the last year?  Having network distribution throughout the home helps ensure that the network is strong everywhere you need it.

Electric Cables
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